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An African Futurism inspired brand founded by the visionary Nigerian artist, Akan Essien. Through his vibrant art works, he uses colored lighting as a painting tool to capture the essence of his African roots and Futurism. As a renowned photographer, Essien intertwines colored lighting and innovative 3D/CGI technology, offering an unparalleled fine art luxury experience.


Futuristic & TiMELESS Artistry


Our fine art photography luxury experience is designed to empower women, boosting confidence and celebrating individuality with our timeless artistry. We offer specialized photoshoot services for moms, birthdays, nurses, and all other cherished moments. 📸

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Our mission transcends capturing stunning artworks; we are dedicated to

empowering women, kids, and youths in marginalized communities across Africa through arts and technology.

Unveiling Diversity

At Beauty In Color, we believe in capturing the beauty of diversity, reflecting a unique blend of African culture and global perspectives.

Making a Difference

We are committed to giving back to the community through our non-profit organization, Katapult Africa. We donate a portion of our proceeds to empower kids and youths in marginalized communities, providing them with fundamental skills like coding and access to the arts and technology.

A Bridge to the World

African Futurism acts as a bridge, promoting African art and changing narratives to inspire positivity and inclusivity.

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Experience Our 'Picasso Style' Photographers + Our Unique 'African Futurism' Aesthetics + Attention To Details.

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